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The Celestial Chakra Activation Level 2 by Jay Burrell, Awakening of Chakras 13-15, align with True Divine God Self, Galactic Consciousness and more
Rainbow Light Healing System Level 5 - The Rainbow Cocoon by Jay Burrell
The Zero Point Energy Matrix by Jay Burrell - Rising of Kundalini, Psychic Awareness, Spiritual Advancement, Self Acceptance, Base Chakra re-alignment
The Rainbow Light Healing System level 4 - The Rainbow Pyramid Empowerment by Jay Burrell - Increase Intuitive/Psychic Abilities and MORE
Ethereal Herbs Distant Attunement by Jay Burrell - Connect with Healing Herbs and Their Metaphysical Qualities
50 % OFF 50 Choice Attunement Package - Personalized Attunement Package - Choose Your Own Package - 36 Hour Sale
The Shadow Self Empowerment by Jay Burrell -
The Lithium Quartz Mental & Emotional Healing Method by Jay Burrell -
MEGA Attunement Package - Calling ALL Lightworkers! Includes more than 2800 Attunements GREAT SPIRITUAL GROWTH, SERVICE and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY
Celestial Light Body Activation by Jay Burrell - Personal Development System for your Spiritual Growth
The Celestial Chakra Activation - New by Jay Burrell
The Celestial Starseed Activation
Dolphin Attunement Package
Attunement Protection Shield by Jay Burrell -
The Attraction Magnet Empowerment - Increase your ability to manifest your desires.
Rainbow Light Healing System level 3 - The Rainbow Skull Empowerment aids in personal spiritual development & advancement into next phase of ascensio
The Hindu Triumvirate Initiations level 1 - New by Jay Burrell - 3 Attunements to connect to main forms of Lord Brahman, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva
The Magickal Talisman Empowerment Attunement- New by Jay Burrell-Connect with hidden wisdom, use for protection, prosperity or any other purpose.
The Magickal Tree Essence Empowerment - New by Jay Burrell - Meet your own healing tree, clear negativity with the energies of trees, and much more
More than 50% OFF HUGE Psychic Protection Attunement Package PLUS BOGO
MORE THAN 50% OFF Divine Self Attunement Package- Powerful Attunements PLUS BOGO
50% OFF Atlantean and Lemurian Attunement Package - PLUS BOGO
Psychic Orb Empowerment by Jay Burrell - Aids you in Development of Psychic Abilities
Universal Orbs - Learn to Create Etheric Orbs
Elemental Earth Star Empowerment - Activate your Earth Star Chakra - Feel a stronger and Closer Connection to Mother Earth!
Crystal Skull Activation by Jay Burrell - reconnect to the energies of Atlantis and Gaia
The Atlantian Crystal Activation by Jay Burrell - Reconnect to the Energies of Atlantis, Enlightenment & Ascension, Knowledge and Energy of Atlantis
Thor's Hammer Attunement by Jay Burrell
The Rainbow Orb Empowerment - Agoraphobia, Anxiety, High Levels of Stress, Gentle Enough for Children
Crystal Dragons by Jay Burrell

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For your convenience, all Course manuals and certificates are sent electronically and are downloadable files most of which are pdf format. Please note: Prices are more affordable for this reason. As well, this saves Trees as less paper is generated. Although they require electricity to be read, the Course materials and certificate do not consume the paper, ink, and other resources that are used to produce printed Course manuals. Save a tree and read digitally!