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Also known as the Exorcism Healing, it is not a true exorcism i.e. is not used for a person who is possessed, rather, it is intended to purify the aura, removing any and all little negative beings in the aura. Entities not of the Light are sent back to the Light.

In this healing, the seven Principles of Life (Thy Self, Thy Purpose, Thy Family/Friends, Thy Land/Country, Universal Law, God's Law, and Thine God) are awakened to bless and seal the sacred self. It is a very high vibrational modality, and you are purified in waves of Divine Light as negative energies are removed from your field and transformed into light. If foreign energies have taken hold within your body, they may have been causing emotional pain and difficulty functioning optimally. You are left feeling that a weight has been removed - happier, lighter and more at peace.



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