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Everyday Manifesting Empowerment - From MHLA - Make manifesting a part of your everyday life PLUS 30 Min of Distant Healing


With your purchase of this attunement you will also receive 30 minutes of distant healing.

The Everyday Manifesting Empowerment is given as a gift from Spirit so that you can make manifesting a part of your everyday life and become the Conscious Creator that the Divine designed you to be. There is a very  powerful energy that comes in with this empowerment giving you the ability to really focus on manifesting the things you desire as part of your life right now – today and everyday.

The Everyday Manifesting Empowerment gives you the energy to keep believing that you can manifest the desires of your heart, that miracles happen, that healing happens and that you are part of the Highest Consciousness there is.  You will receive an amplified dose of the loving consciousness energy of the Source so that you can be a catalyst for positive changes, for mystical and miraculous encounters and for acts of Divine intervention in your heart and life everyday. The energy will assist you in taking responsibility and adopting positive attitudes and thoughts for manifesting and creating positive results in your own reality.

There is a protective shielding energy within this form which repels negativity from self or others. As well, this shielding aspect of the energy will protect you against unexpected challenges that can pop up when you are working on everyday manifesting so that the challenges are not able to become your reality. There is a positive boosting energy within the empowerment that creates positive vibrations, attitudes and moods within you.

The Everyday Manifesting empowerment will amplify your ability to access the ideas within you about manifesting the life you desire on a daily basis as well as the personal power to act upon ideas and opportunities.  Your soul came to the Earth plane to create a unique personal experience. You came to the Earth knowing your power, confident in your ability to create a reality befitting of a wondrous and powerful child of the Divine. The Everyday Manifesting Empowerment will help you to remember these truths and live them one day at a time, on a day-to-day,moment-to-moment basis.

You will receive the manual, attunement and certificate directly from the Founder! :)


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