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Relationship Intimacy Reading Package - 5 Intimate Readings - More than 50% OFF


This package includes  5 channeled email readings. You may choose any of the 5 readings listed below.

  • How Sensual is My Soul Mate/Relationship Partner/Interest Reading (79.99)
  • Intimacy Needs Reading (79.99)
  • Sexual Compatiability Reading (79.99)
  • Sexual Vibrations Reading (79.99)
  • Exploring Intimacy REading (49.99)
  • Core Intimacy Issues Reading (59.99)
  • Relationship Faithfulness Reading (49.99)

IF you purchased the readings and attunements individually the cost would be 480.00.

You can substitute a single reading of equal or lesser value for any single reading in this package however you may not substitute a single reading for multiple readings. Live, telephone, instant message, and or emergency readings are not eligible for substitutions.

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