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Toxic Family of Origin Clearing and Healing Session 180 Minutes


Toxic Family of Origin Clearing and Healing Session 180 Minutes

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This session focuses on removing the negative energy and destructive patterns and issues from your relationships with your family of origin. Whatever the toxic issues or energy it will be cleansed, cleared and released for your Highest and Best Good.

Holding onto the negative energy is harmful to you as it becomes highly toxic over time and continues to build in momentum the longer you hold onto it. Stored within your energy fields it can cause you all kinds of problems emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually spilling into all areas of your life and relationships.

During this session all energy fields will be cleared of toxic energy between you and your family members.

Release you, release your family members, forgive you, forgive your family members. Let go of what is no longer needed, wanted, what is less than love and move forward in your life and path.


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