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Family of Origin Forgiveness Healing Session 180 Minutes


Family of Origin Forgiveness Healing Session 180 Minutes

Forgive you, Forgive your Family, Release you, Release your family!

This session will help you with issues of forgiveness for your family members. It will help you to forgive yourself if there is something you are holding onto that is less than love energies. It will help you release any feelings of shame and or guilt.

Holding onto unforgiveness keeps you rooted in the past and creates negative energy within your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. As you experience the light of forgiveness you will move forward in your life releasing deeply rooted energetic issues so you are living your life as Spirit meant for you to live it - happy, joyous and free.

Release the past and heal the areas of disrepair on all levels from holding onto unforgiveness whether it is towards the Self or towards your family so that these issues no longer hold you back in any area of your life and or relationships.




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