Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


Omsha Mua Tank Ma Pra EMPOWERMENT MANTRA AND SYMBOL by Ramon Martinez Lopez


OM means universalenergy


SHA vital energy coming from the earth



Eternity, continuum



Supreme energy to the highest point of your being



Destroy all negativity

It can be used for personal protection or surroundings.



Personal use only


·      0; cleaning objects


·      0; cleaning aura


·      0; protection


·      0; awakens earth kundalini


·      0; activates your first chakra very powerfully


·      0; lot of heating in your body and aura for protection


·      0; visualize or think that you are in a pyramid surrounded by themantra and symbol, good for grounding energy and release exceed of energy

AND MORE through practice - use your intuition

You will receive manual, certificate and distant attunement.



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