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Multi-Level Prosperity Reiki Series - MD, Universal, World, Galactic, Cosmic Abundance/Exchange, Infinite Pathways, Divine Presence, Infinite Flow


Multi-Level Prosperity Reiki Series 180.00 value, 50% off

Founded by Tawan Chester!

This series consists of 9 systems that work together to address the energies that work behind the scene. These energies are often ignored but play a big part in what is manifested in the physical world. Multi-Dimensional Money is the prerequisite for any system in the series.

Each system has its own manual. There are nine Reiki systems, nine manuals, and nine distant attunements included as well as a certificate.

Multi-Dimensional Money Reiki

The Multi-Dimensional Money energy is the first system in the Multi-Level Prosperity series and it helps you in all aspects of money. It is the only prerequisite for the remaining eight systems in the series.

World Money Reiki World Money Energy is the second system in the Multi-Level Prosperity series. This energy adjusts and fine tunes the information you have and receive concerning the many aspects of money.

Galactic Wealth Reiki

Galactic Wealth Energy is the third system in the Multi-Level Prosperity series. This energy helps you expand your horizons and you are able to obtain a deeper understanding concerning money, so that you may draw more to you.



Universal Prosperity Reiki

Universal Prosperity Energy is the fourth system in the Multi-Level Prosperity series. Universal Prosperity Energy taps into the vastness of all that is around you so that you are not limited to what is on the Earth.

Cosmic Abundance Reiki

Cosmic Abundance Energy is the fifth system in the Multi-Level Prosperity series. Cosmic Abundance Energy addresses all areas of your life to bring to you all that is needed and more.

Cosmic Exchange Reiki

Cosmic Exchange Energy is the sixth system in the Multi-Level Prosperity series. Cosmic Exchange Energy works with you to assist you in making the most beneficial exchanges possible.

Infinite Pathways Reiki

Infinite Pathways Energy is the seventh system in the Multi-Level Prosperity series. Infinite Pathways Energy works to create routes that allow money, wealth, prosperity or abundance to travel along in your exchanges

Divine Presence Reiki

Divine Presence Energy is the eighth system in the Multi-Level Prosperity series. Divine Presence Energy helps to bring Divine Source into all of your undertakings.

Infinite Flow Reiki

Infinite Flow Energy is the ninth system in the Multi-Level Prosperity series. Infinite Flow Energy helps you tap into the limitless flow of all that is.








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