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SELKIS, ATON RA AND BLUE SCORPION VENOM ATTUNEMENTS by Ramon Martinez Lopez Helpful in treatment of cancer/autoimmune/tumors/inflammation



Selkis - Water Scorpion. From the nineteenth dynasty, Scorpion land. Scorpio woman or female body with a scorpion on her head. In Dynasty XXI manifests woman's body and lion's head with the neck being protected by a crocodile EGYPTIAN NAME: SERQET/ SERKETHETU GREEK NAME / ROMANO: Selkis

ATON-RARA SHU Aten Aton was a sun god of ancient Egypt representing the solar disk in the sky. He was considered the spirit that encouraged life on Earth in Egyptian mythology

The Blue Scorpio venom is beneficial in treatments for lung cancers and other tumors of the cervix, prostate and pancreas, in addition to their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Scorpio is considered the oldest terrestrial arthropods with about 400 million years, and is used for medicinal purposes since the eighteenth century.


Reiki form of use.

It has been developed with the invocation and mantra for preparing healing treatments in water or oil (like flower therapy or external use), with the healing properties of the blue scorpion venom.

Helpful in treatment of cancer. Autoimmune disorders.



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