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The Joyful Sexuality of Goddess Flidais by Linda Kaye -


From the Founder, Linda Kaye 'Goddess Flidais is the Irish Goddess of rapant joyful sexuality, the forest and wildnature, and she serves as the guardian of the forest and animals. She is alsoknown as the Goddess of Deer, aka “Fairy Cattle”. She is the spirit ofabundance, and she owns a herd of magical cows. Her prize cow gives enough milkdaily to feed 300 families. She is very nurturing and loving, and she has asoft spot for human outcasts. She has the ability to communicate with nature,animals and people,

 If this beautiful spirit is invoked within everyone, there would be so much more joy and peace in the world. It reminds meof how much we all need to treasure the special and unique gifts.


.. For me,Flidais appears to be somewhat whimsical and definitely carefree. She loves everything and everybody-animals and people, and she absolutely loves nature. Perhaps that is why she feels so divinely able to connect with her carefree sexual joyful energy. She feels the connected to the forest, the trees, the rivers, animals wild and tame.'

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