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As a bonus you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value free.

 You will receive the manual and distant attunement for the following systems. One certificate for package is included. No substitutions. Retail value 1200.00

  1. Sensual Seductress
  2. Wild Sexy Spirit of Adonis
  3. Oxitocyn Love Essence Energy
  4. Sivakakomarpak Activation Ceremony
  5. Soul Survivor
  6. Soul Shower
  7. Intimacy Flush
  8. Ken Dedes Ray
  9. Goddess Chuang Mu
  10. Soul Mate Retrival System
  11. Wild Soul Free Spirit
  12. Eternally Exhalted Sexuality
  13. Cupid
  14. Path of Yemaya
  15. Beautiful Soul
  16. Beauty Reiki 1-3
  17. Sexual Flush 1-4
  18. Orixa Oxumare Empowerment
  19. My Eternal Love
  20. The Valquiries
  21. Sexual Imprint Flush
  22. Erotes Empowerment
  23. Goddess Gefjon
  24. Goddess Aeval
  25. Sexy Inner Touch
  26. Awaken the Tantric God/Goddess
  27. Into Me You See
  28. Lightening Vespa
  29. Power of Ixchel
  30. Tantric Twin
  31. Sexual Empowerment 1 and 2
  32. Radiant Power of Goddess Kurukulla
  33. Diamond Magical Eyes
  34. Pheromone Sexual Essence Empowerment
  35. Garden of Eve Love and Sexuality
  36. Soul Lovers
  37. Sexual Celebration of Goddess Sheelah Na Gig
  38. Ilumination of Divine Energy for Love, Sex and Romance
  39. Goddess Aglaia Beauty Glow Empowerment 
  40. Love Magnetism  Field
  41. Sweetheart Empowerment

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All Sales Are Final

Please note that all sales are final.

Course Manuals and Certificates

For your convenience, all Course manuals and certificates are sent electronically and are downloadable files most of which are pdf format. Please note: Prices are more affordable for this reason. As well, this saves Trees as less paper is generated. Although they require electricity to be read, the Course materials and certificate do not consume the paper, ink, and other resources that are used to produce printed Course manuals. Save a tree and read digitally!