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I am Receiving All of God's Wealth by Linda Kaye - financial security, save money, new job, car, home, unexpected bonuses or raise, higher income


You do not have to worry or feel guilty about “hogging” all of God’s wealth, because we each have our own inner God that we have full unlimited access to IF WE ALLOW OURSELVES TO HAVE UNLIMITED WEALTH. There  is always an unlimited supply of wealth ready for us to access at any time.


Wealth does not just mean money. Wealth can be food, clothes, houses, cars,  computers, etc. You can have wealth without having money. Wealth is what YOU want wealth to be to help you feel happy and fullfilled. In my case, wealth means being able to own a home and live full time inside the gates of a nudist resort in Florida.



Higher Income

Unexpected bonuses and raises

New Job

Financial Security

Save Money

New Car

New Home

Sell or Rent Out Home

Financial Winfalls

Pay Specific Bills

Pay Your Mortgage

New Wardrobe

Ability to go on a specific trip or cruise.

Ability to financially help others

Others unexpectedly helping you financially.

And so much more…….

You will receive the manual, certificate, and distant attunement.


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For your convenience, all Course manuals and certificates are sent electronically and are downloadable files most of which are pdf format. Please note: Prices are more affordable for this reason. As well, this saves Trees as less paper is generated. Although they require electricity to be read, the Course materials and certificate do not consume the paper, ink, and other resources that are used to produce printed Course manuals. Save a tree and read digitally!