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The reading is many pages long and takes three hours to channel. The reading will be delivered to your email box. Please read this listing all the way through for more information.


More information on the Akashic Records and reading….


The Secret of the Akashic Records

Throughout history, kings and queens valued the counsel of the wise and went out of their way to seek one. They knew the existence of the “X factor” — something invisible that can promote or inhibit growth and success in this world.

Akashic Record Readers were one of those inner circle consultants for the elite. “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “ether.” It is the primordial substance all elements (earth, water, fire, air) come from and ultimately return. Akashic Records are energetic records of all the events, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that ever happened. Akashic Records also contain all the possibilities that can happen.

Because Akashic Records are energetic records, the language and culture of the reader does not matter. They are referred to as “The Book of Life” or simply “The Book” in the Bible. It is said the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs enjoyed the counsel of Akashic Record Readers. Very likely, various other cultures have been calling them by different names.

This may all sound like New Age mysticism, but science is catching up. Dr. Ervin Laszlo published “Science and the Akashic Field” in 2004, explaining the existence of an energetic field that connects everything in the universe.

The wisdom of the Akashic Records that has been known only to the few special people for many centuries is now receiving recognition among the top scientists who dare to go beyond the conventional definition of science.

Decoding the Akashic Records

Akashic Records can be accessed from anywhere, and theoretically, anyone can do this. However, decoding the information takes crystal clear awareness and in-depth knowledge. The information contained in the Akashic Records is literally astronomical and will confuse the mind if the reader is not sure exactly what they are researching.

Furthermore, because Akashic Records are energetic records, it takes clear reference points to translate them into everyday language.

Heal Your Past and Enhance Your Present

What does your soul have to tell you? First, the origin (or the family) of your soul determines your fundamental strengths and challenges. Some of us are from this Earth, and some are star seeds, by example. If you’ve been feeling like a fish out of water, or if this world feels so primitive and savage, this may be the reason.

Your soul has chosen one or two training areas (Archangelic Realms) to either enhance the strengths of your soul origin or to balance out the shortcomings. This further shows your soul-level gifts and the way you are growing spiritually.

Akashic Records also hold your Life Lesson. If you just started working on a new Life Lesson, this can help you tremendously by helping you recognize the patterns and your direction. It’s horrible not to know what you are learning while you are attending the school, which is life.

Set Yourself FREE from Energetic Blocks

Then we uncover the various energetic blocks and interferences on your soul that are affecting you mentally, emotionally, and physically, so that we can clear them. Many of these energetic issues are from your past lives. I will help you to “clean the slate” so that you can create the life you love to live.

For example, the vow of sacrifice you made several lifetimes ago may be making you sacrifice one area of your life to succeed in another. Understanding why you made the vow (perhaps you wanted to save your dying child and bargained with God . . .), bringing awareness that you no longer need this vow, and releasing its negative energy with the clearing work can set you free. From there, you can enjoy the abundance and happiness you sincerely desire.

I check over 70 points* in your Akashic Records in this reading to make sure we cover all basic features and the major energetic issues. (* There are, however, exceptional soul situations in which I have to check much fewer, but extremely critical points. Also, if the energetic issues are not about past lives, I don’t dig out the past lives just to satisfy curiosity.)

When I find certain energetic problems, I go deeper to find out more details. All applicable clearing work is included in this Akashic Record Reading and there is no additional fees.

Get the Clarity That Leads to a Higher Level of Fulfillment

The energetic issues are tricky to detect. You have been living with them for so long that you may have developed ways to ignore them. Very often, I find people work so hard on the superficial symptoms of the issue while not realizing the root cause of the issue.

However, the energetic issues are very real, and they can affect various aspects of your life, such as your relationships, business, finance, and physical / mental well-being. So by clearing the underlying issues, you can have more joy, love, freedom, empowerment, confidence, inner peace, and prosperity. It can also help you grow spiritually.

Akashic Record Reading resets you from within, boosting your innate creative power. Experience the difference.

This Is How my Akashic Record Reading Service Works for You:

1. I will need the following information to accurately locate your Akashic Records:

your current full name

your full name at birth

your birth date

your place of birth

Of course, your information will be used for this soul reading only. Many of my clients are high profile and I totally respect the need to stay private.

2. You can place orders anytime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. When I receive your order, I will email you within 2 business days for confirmation. First, I will ask the Higher Self for permission to access your records and to work on you energetically. Rarely am I refused. Normally this only happens when the student is not ready or when there is something harmful to me energetically. I will begin to work on you energetically immediately. I will spend 21 days praying for you, and working with you and your energy to connect more deeply with you on a soul level and to begin to work on energetic blocks and detect insights and information that are needed for the energy work to clear any energetic blocks and to access to your Akashic Records. I will be calling in your Guides, Angels, the Archangels and Masters that work with you to assist me in accessing what is most important for you to know on a soul level at this time. You can expect to receive your reading after 21 days from the date you order the reading. This is a long time and often people are in a hurry but please know this is very important information for your soul and therefore waiting for quality information serves the Highest Good of ALL.

3. You don’t need to tell me your life challenges because I will do the whole profile reading anyway. In other words, this reading is like an overall checkup of your soul’s health.

4. When the reading is delivered if there is anything that you can do to help support you or your life path I will email these findings to you with instructions on what you can do to bring forward your highest good. This is typically any support needed for the clearing work that has been done. I will explain my findings using as much everyday English as possible, and I will explain any new terms for you.

Uncover the Eternal Truth of Your Soul — Your Personal Comprehensive Profile Reading of the Akashic Records  



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