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The Iara, Mother Of The Waters Energy Attunement - Aura of mystery, charisma, magnetic aura, irrisistible, strength, sensuality, sexuality


Founder Linda kaye

You will receive the manual, certificate and distant attunement.

The Iara have a mysterious and mystical aura about them. Brazil is the origin of The Iara, and they are spirits of the Amazon River. 


Their name is derived from a tupi word meaing “Ruler Of the Waters”. The Iara most typically manifests as a beautiful woman sitting on a big rock by the river,singing and combing her long hair. Her voice is irresistible. Iara are very flirtatious.


Men are  smitten by them and feel compelled to abandon anyone and anything, because she is magnetically irresistible and charismatic.


Gives you an aura of mystery and mystic




Possess a magnetic aura


Helps you to feel the beauty within you.


Helps you to be irrisistible to men or a specific man.


Gives you control over men when all else fails.


Feel your power


Gain more strength


Know Your worth


Define your destiny








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