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90 Minute Relationship Fear Clearing Session - Clear ALL past painful experiences where fear was created and take risks, enjoy life, and relationships


If you have ever been in a relationship(s) it is highly probable that you have at one point experienced a heartbreak, a betrayal, an abandonment or being rejected by someone you loved. These can be extremely painful events that cause your soul to fragment itself thus creating a “permanent” scar or a past identity.

The consequences of such experiences often result in the fear of them to re-occur and the pain that is associated with them. The emotion of fear is such a low frequency vibratory energy  that it will attract us to the people, places, times, things and events that resonate with our fears.

That is why people who fear they will be betrayed or abandoned end up manifesting exactly that. Yet the core or primary fears that almost anyone in the world has are the fears of not being loved and not being good enough, which are projected onto your reality and attract you to people that believe they “are not capable of loving you”.

Many men have the fear of being rejected by women and will often avoid approaching or talking to a woman they like because they fear being rejected. This leads to a lot of missing opportunities and sometimes to never be able to manifest a relationships. This is also accompanied by low levels of self-esteem, self-confidence and high levels of self diminishment.

Another common fear men and some women have is the fear of commitment, which sabotages relationships with real potential.

If you have any fears related to relationships then this session will assist you energetically clear all the past painful experiences where that fear was created and allow you to become more courageous, take more risks and enjoy life and relationships to the fullest.


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