Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


90 Minute Intimacy Clearing and Healing for Couples



Intimacy with another can be a beautiful experience. This session is designed to help you to create this beautiful experience as a couple.

We all have the Divine capacity to have healthy intimate experiences with one another. If you are struggling with roadblocks to intimacy in your relationship this session can help you to get back to enjoying intimacy together again.

Any past abuses, negative beliefs, painful experiences that have wounded either of you causing problems in the area of intimacy and or sexuality will be healed so that these areas are no longer a struggle. This will allow both of you to experience the gifts and joy of intimacy and sexuality within the relationship.

This session is designed for couples who want to share a deeper connection and experience true intimacy. The primary focus of this healing work is to help you sustain a shared, mutual space as a couple that is rooted in compassion and moment-to-moment mindfulness.

In order to enjoy all facets of a relationship whether they are sexual, emotional, mental, or just physical - you must be able to accept intimacy with that person. Blocks to accepting intimacy and connecting individually and as a couple will be released.

The energy will support you in developing effective ways to communicate your feelings and needs and be present for your partner's feelings and needs. This session will help you to discover more harmonious ways to handle conflicts.

Particular focus will be placed on challenging relationship dynamics and finding new strategies that are mutually nourishing and effective. The focus of session is to assist you in deepening intimacy skills. Barriers to closeness will be dissolved so that you meet your Beloved in your own undefended heart, essence to essence and experience deeper soul love between you.



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