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50% OFF 90 Minute Letting Go Relationship Clearing and Healing Session


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This session is designed to support you spiritually and energetically you when you are having difficulty letting go of a love relationship that is no longer in alignment with your best, highest good. 

 This session will support you through the breakup of your relationship with consciousness and compassion. Unfinished business between you and your love that is coming from energy exchanges, present conflicts, unresolved past lives, and unconscious soul contracts that keep you bonded will be cleared. This allows individuality and wholeness to be restored. When a break up occurs there is often communication needed to resolve aspects of the ending and separating of the relationship such as finances, personal property, child custody, pets and the like. This session will support you in having healthy and positive communication during an emotional time when this can be very difficult.

So that you can move forward and find your own bliss the session will help you to practice self love and to nourish and comfort yourself so that you can deepen your ability to love and create a life that is in alignment with your Highest and Best good and Soul.

Healing will be giving to any negative dynamics and patterns that you had a part in to heal wounds that can affect true and lasting love and intimacy in the future. Wounding to your heart and soul will be given so that your ability to trust, love, open and receive someone new in your life that supports your next phase of soul growth.

Significant love relationships have a higher purpose of helping you resolve childhood wounds, deepen your ability to love, learn soul lessons, and resolve karma from past lives. When these essential tasks are complete or when the challenges of the relationship outweigh the spiritual benefits, the relationship organically starts to come to an end and your soul encourages you to move on. This ending is often extremely difficult on many levels. This session is designed to help you navigate through this ending in love, compassion and with grace.

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