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50% OFF Guardian Angel Reading 4 Two - a special opportunity to receive guidance from your guardian angels!


Guardian Angel Reading for Two

 This Guardian Angel Reading is for two persons, perhaps you and your relationship partner, or sisters or mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, etc. This way you know what pressing issues there are from the Angelic Realms for both of you.

Here is a special opportunity to receive guidance from your guardian angels and the angelic realm. You will be reassured you are never alone—that your guardian angels are always with you and support you in any way they can. You will find out who each of your main four guardian angels are, why each one is with you and how each angel supports you. Angels always counsel us from a place of love, so connecting with your Angels is always a gentle, positive and uplifting experience.

Once you know your angels' names and their vibrations it will be easier for you to communicate to them directly in the future.  

Our guardian angels' messages speak in ways that encourage us to reflect and meditate on their meaning. Your angels want you to be Divinely connected to them. They want you to know they are coming through so you'll feel secure in that they're always there for you. Your Guardian Angel's primary purpose is to help guide you to make the best decisions for your spiritual growth and highest good. Their personal messages encourage us to move forward confidently and create the life we desire.

Angel readings are very different from other readings—the reading will center on you—your spiritual and personal growth rather than telling you to apply at ABC Company. If you just can't figure out what you're doing wrong or can't figure out why the same challenges keep surfacing, a guardian angel reading may be for you.

This reading includes names and information on whom both of your four guardian angels: your guidance angel, your primary protector angel, your motivating angel and the angel who works with you on spiritual growth. Also included is why that particular angel is assigned to you along with their special message for you. Most people who are interested in angels seem to have at least four guardian angels with them but sometimes there are fewer and sometimes there are more.





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