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Negative, False Beliefs Removal and Clearing Session -Clear away Dysfunctional/Negative Beliefs Along with the Emotional Charge Once and For ALL!


90 Minute Session

Regular price 99.99

The average adult usually has many millions of negative and false beliefs about themselves, others, health, success, prosperity, existence... These beliefs stay unconscious most of the time but have an extremely powerful influence on us, causing thoughts/feelings of unworthiness, inferiority, insecurity, anxiety and fear, etc.

Negative beliefs are generally caused by traumatic events or were transmitted by people that had influence on us during childhood and beyond.

A Negative and False Beliefs Removal Session clears away huge amounts of dysfunctional/negative beliefs along with the emotional charge and replace them with their positive counter part.

Enjoying life, living in the moment and positive thinking then become as natural and easy as breathing.

Not all negative and false beliefs are removed in one session.

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