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Releasing Emotional Armor Clearing and Healing Session 120 Minutes - Release the Weight and Burden of Your Emotional Armor Today!


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This session is designed to release the emotional armor that you carry around with you to protect your heart and soul. If you are ready to release the weight and burden of your emotional armor, this session is right for you!

Everyone has emotional armor that has been building since our formative years when we have ever had our feelings hurt in some form or another. The armor is there to protect us and to insulate our feelings. Layers and layers of emotional armor build up over time to shield us from getting hurt by others. As the layers and layers of this emotional armor is released your true emotional self will be visible again!

 You will reconnect to your soul and be able to connect with others again in absence of the fear of being hurt so that you can be the trusting, open and self realized person you once were!

With this emotional, energetic suit of armor removed you will be able to experience a greater level of emotional intimacy and connection with others. The emotional, physical and energetic patterns of self protection will be removed so that you can again experience the beauty and joy of deep emotional intimacy and connection with others.

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