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Karmic Matrix Removal, Clearing and Healing Session 120 Minutes - Clear your Karma, Live YOUR life!


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If you are ready for groundbreaking CHANGE and have a strong desire to be free, then the Karmic Matrix Removal and Clearing session is just for you!

A karmic matrix is a set of energetic fibers that run along the spinal column. This structure binds you to your family and ancestral karma, and attributes to some of your behavior patterns. The Karmic Matrix carries hundreds of years of ancestral energies and patterns which could be impacting your choices, health and understanding of the world.
We are all born with genetic cording, a product of our ancestry which can affect us-often negatively-for our entire lives. Not only does it affect our physical bodies, but our emotional and spiritual bodies. This cording is wrapped around our spine, the core of our physical structure.

A Karma Matrix Removal removes all of the karmic lessons, ties, patterns, templates, experiences, feelings, truths, belief systems, contracts, cords, devices, fears, dependencies, addictions, separations, monads, vows and agreements, and anything that keeps you from walking your spiritual path in wholeness and balance and which no longer serve you or your highest good. When this karmic matrix is removed, you can release old habits more easily and be free from genetic influences and limitations. This process also assists in releasing ancient karma, so that you can move forward in life without those obstacles.

Removing the karmic matrix can assist you in breaking old habits and patterns, freeing you from undesirable genetic influences and limitations. Having this matrix pulled gives you a clean slate and helps you to live in the present.

Clear your karma, rather than generations of karma that existed before you were born! Live YOUR life!

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