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Ultimate In-Depth Chakra Clearing, Repairing, Opening, Healing Session Package PLUS BOGO

$299.99 $1,200.00

12 60 Minute Sessions Included

For a limited time you will receive a healing package of equal or lesser value free.

This clearing includes energy removal of past life blocks, repair of etheric damage and a host of other clearing and removal  aimed at creating most suitable opening of the chakras. This package focuses on one area at a time. There are eleven sessions and one bonus optional session for those who are ready. Each session will be 90 minutes in length.

 The sessions are as follows:

Session One: Earth to Body Chakras
Session Two: Root Chakra Intensive
Session Three: Sacral Chakra Intensive
Session Four: Solar Plexus Intensive
Session  Five : Heart Chakra Intensive
Session Six : Throat Chakra Intensive
Session Seven: Third Eye and Pineal Gland Intensive
Session Eight: Crown Chakra Intensive
Session Nine : Head Energy Grid and Chakra Alignment Intensive
Session Ten: Crown to Soul Bridge
Session Eleven : Soul Chakras

BONUS SESSION for those who are ready
Session Twelve: Above Soul Chakras - (many people are not ready for this activation, so please indicate if it resonates as right for you)

In the sessions, the chakra is the focal point of the clearing , but much past life and Akashic record and karmic clearing is part of the process of chakra activation also. Alongside the energy surgery required at each level.

Most people have some degree of blockage in all chakras. However typically the most damaged are the Sacral Chakra (sexual abuse issues in past lives), the solar plexus (power issues in past lives) and the third eye (psychic damage issues from past lives). All chakras need to be cleared and aligned for optimum energy function. Once cleared, the alignment can lead to the right setting for the spontaneous awakening of the full circulation of light around and inside the body. As well as the base for spontaneous activation of the light body.

While having clear chakras and fully functioning light vehicles can be considered a "spiritual adept" path, this is not quite so at this time of transformation and increased light on the Earth plane. When the light rises beyond a certain point, clear chakras are required to be able to handle the increased voltage. Clear chakras and well conducting energy fields are going to be increasingly important from now on, as the energies reaching Earth increase exponentially.

This package does not include a healing report. Should you like a healing report, the fee is 49.99. Please indicate if you would like one or not and if so a paypal invoice will be sent to you after your purchase of this package.

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