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Sacred Contract Re-Scripting Session


Session Duration 120 Minutes

Regular price 140.00


Your Sacred Contracts are the agreements that your Soul made with God and other Souls, (human or animal), with your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. In the planning stages of our lives, we make many such agreements, about who we are going to be, how we're going to act/ what roles we are going to fulfill with other people, what characteristics we will have, who our parents are going to be, siblings, teachers, pets, even who are abusers, bullies and predators are going to be. We have thousands of such contracts.


We are certainly not a 'blank slate' when we are born. During our lives, we change and create more agreements with others and with our inner Self, that serve our changing interests.


Sometimes, we forget that we made a certain deal, and unconsciously keep fulfilling those agreements even when we've already grown out of them, or when they stopped having a positive effect. And a journey into the Akashic Records is necessary to make corrections, edits, and to consciously delete old ones or create new ones.


In the session, a journey into the Akashic Records will be taken, where all contracts are kept, so that present contracts, agreements with your named significant person in your life can be re-scripted.


This allows re-scripting of the Sacred Contract between you and another person so that the contracts can reflect what wish to make them.


This means that the Sacred Contract between you and another person can be edited, deleted, changed and or new ones can be created or the Contract can be concluded, deleted if you feel it no longer serves your higher purpose.

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