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Messages Between Two Souls Question Style Reading - Channeled answers directly from your Soul Mate/Twin Flame/Loved One's Soul


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Messages between two souls reading has by far been the most popular reading offered over the years. The Messages Between Two Souls reading that I have offered for many years is a channeled conversation between souls, soul to soul.


Now, I am pleased to offer a new option that came as an extension from the Messages Between two Souls reading….


Now you may ask another soul specific questions. This can be particularly helpful if someone has distanced themselves from you or has broken off the relationship or is just acting very confusing or not communicating their feelings to you.

It is also helpful to those who have not yet met their soul mate and want to ask specific questions and receive answers on a soul level. Perhaps you know your Soul Mate and perhaps you do not know your Soul Mate. It does not matter! Spirit knows your Soul Mate and your Soul or Higher Self knows your Soul Mate! Thus, if you want to connect with a Soul Mate that you have not yet met - this is a unique opportunity!

 I will channel the soul responses to your questions.

Through this reading you will receive answers to your most important questions from their Soul directly! You may ask up to three questions.

If you are looking for a channeled reading like no other that you have experienced before then you have come to the right place! These messages are truly HEALING WORDS!

The reading is delivered by email.

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