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Lightbody Distress Healing Session


Session Duration : 90 Minutes

Regular price 80.00

With the Lightbody Distress Healing Session you will received the healing energy needed for the symptoms you experience when your lightbody is in distress.

 If you are not experiencing these symptoms yet then this session will help you as preventative energetic medicine.

There are a variety of discomforts that can be experienced such as blurred vision, headaches, fatigue, lack of energy or vitality, heart pain, low sex drive, headaches/migraines, chronic pain in the neck/shoulder/back/pelvic area.

As well there are mental and emotional symptoms such as depression, overwhelm, anxiety, persistent emotional or mental issues, emotional/mental exhaustion, difficulty expressing feelings, poor concentration, difficulty holding thoughts, forgetfulness, and confusion.

Spiritually you may experience feelings of separateness, or feeling disconnected from your intuition, or feel powerlessness, helplessness, despair, blocked, and or have problems accessing spiritual gifts.

 It is important to note that if you have persistant symptoms of any kind always consult a health care professional. This energy is meant to be a compliment not replacement for sound medical advice and care from a licensed health care professional.

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