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Upward and Onward Healing Sessions - Experience New and Higher Pathways with Confidence!


The Upward and Onward Healing Sessions leads you to New and Higher Pathways

It includes 2 sessions, 60 minutes each session, The regular price is 140.00.

These sessions are geared to place you on the right paths so that new and positive permanent changes happen for you in your life and path. The energy supports you in making progress in your life and being successful in all that you do.

In these sessions pain and barriers that have been weighing you and your life down will be removed energetically so that your outer world reflects back to you the inner changes that you have made. In this way, you will not longer be afraid and feel confident soaring as you embark on your journey to new and higher pathways.

This session represents the height of opportunity to achieve new levels of higher consciousness that help you to stay focused on the higher purpose in every experience, to find the higher pathways, to moving upward and onward on your journey even when you experience difficulties or challenges.

Many report that following the session they look more deeply than they did yesterday, question more from the heart, and act more from a grounded sense of intuitive knowing. It supports you in evolving and learning from every experience and finding the higher pathway to unlimited potentials and possibilities.



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