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Dysfunctional Beliefs Clearing Session


Duration: 90 Minutes


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What is a dysfunctional belief?

A belief that causes a person direct or indirect mental, emotional, or physical harm — of which the person did not beforehand consciously consent to.

So if you have a dysfunctional belief about something, then it causes you harm in some way — which you did not sign up for when you started believing in that something. Now, the belief may or may not have been passed on (by a parent or authority figure) with the intent of causing you harm — but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that it does cause you harm, simply because you adopted the harmful belief.

Societies permeate with dysfunctional beliefs. You have but to turn on the TV to see dysfunctional beliefs about money, success, health, self-worth, and relationships. When there are networks, groups, and organizations who manufacture and spread dysfunctional beliefs (think mass media, advertising, propaganda, pop culture, etc.) — it is easy for others to not only adopt individual dysfunctional beliefs, but entire dysfunctional belief systems.

Codependent thinking, or believing that others hold the keys to our happiness is an example of dysfunctional beliefs as it convinces you of the need to secure freedom, happiness,  personal worth through outside means — when really, it’s an inside job.

Another dysfunctional belief is that the emotion of anger is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. You can hold this belief whether or not you are experiencing anger. 

The Dysfunctional Beliefs Clearing is designed to release negative dysfunctional belief clusters from the subconscious mind that do not serve your Highest Good. Our minds, function similar to a computer. If you have faulty programs (dysfunctional subconscious beliefs) running through your operating system your computer (life) can become completely faulty! In this session the faulty programs (dysfunctional subconscious beliefs) are removed and replaced with positive ones.

During the session your timeline is scanned across time, space, and dimensions to reveal the dysfunctional negative beliefs, attitudes and feelings stored in that cluster. These are cumulated from not only your current life, and childhood, but also from your past lives that you have had. So, this removed energy blocks, imbalances and issues that you have had within your entire soul history, parallel lives, future lives and your genetic lineage.

These dysfunctional belief clusters as well as any associated karma, fear, triggers, memories or attachments from your consciousness, aura and genetic code are dissolved. New life affirming positive, truth filled beliefs replace the old dysfunctional ones.

Generally there are more than 25,000 dysfunctional beliefs for most people. When a dysfunctional belief cluster is cleared this creates improvement in many areas of your life. For example, if beliefs around worthiness are cleared this helps you feel better about yourself, and you experience greater health physically and overall well being and are able to attract abundance of all kinds into your life.


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