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Ascension Support Channeled Reading with the Ascended Masters Delivered by Email



The Ascension Level Support Channeled Reading with the Ascended Masters

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The Ascended Masters who guide and help with the expansion of Light on this planet are not bound by time and space. Having come into embodiment, as you and I through the portals of birth, They walked the earth fulfilling the inner calling of Their God Presence day by day, lifetime after lifetime. They mastered all the lesser things of this world, learning the lessons of Life, balancing karma, fulfilling Their earthly mission and manifesting and becoming God in action. At the completion of Their mission They achieved the ultimate Victory through the Ascension, the permanent integration with the Light of Their own true reality, Their Mighty I AM Presence. They continue to stand ready to assist the mankind of earth to accomplishing this same Goal and will continue to extend the Fires of Their Hearts till all are received into the Brotherhood of Light.


This Ascension Level Support reading is a wonderful reading which will reveal your current level of Ascension as well as providing insight from the areas of your particular Ascension Level. Allow the Ascended Masters to Guide you through Ascension and Spiritual Growth at this stage in your ascension process. The reading may include information about such things as Future Lessons, Growth issues/opportunities, past issues, blocks to your ascension process, blocks to your spiritual growth, manifestation assistance, any life missions that are emerging for you now/ahead, spiritual gifts/divine qualities/attributes, spirit guides or angels working with you and more.

 The Master(s) that come forward for you will deem what serves your highest and best good at your current or next level of ascension to provide you with the highest ascension support possible.

The Masters that come into the reading may be different for each soul as you may not be on the same level of ascension and the readings are unique for each soul. Do not be surprised if St Germain, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Djwhal Khul, El Morya, Hilaron, Lady Nada, Lord Lanto, Jesus, Serapis Bey, or others come into your reading.

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