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Twin Flame Higher Perspective Channeled Reading with the Ascended Masters Delivered Via Email


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The Twin Flame Higher Perspective reading is just what is says. It is designed to give you a higher perspective of your twin flame relationship/connection so that you can master the challenges that this relationship will surely bring or is currently bringing. It will give you a broadened view of your twin flame relationship.

This is a channeled reading. The Ascended Master that is most working with you and or your twin flame will come through to provide higher perspectives. This may include things such as how the connection is in service to you becoming a better more loving person. It may help you get a grasp on what is happening for one or both of your souls at this stage...from a higher perspective of course!

The reading may reveal how to deal with the highs and lows of the twin flame relationship, the challenges, or how you can be an example of love to your twin flame in a way they can receive it.

The Ascended Master may reveal to you how to avoid making mistakes that create disharmony, or keep you from harmonizing and merging, or higher perspectives that are occurring now or perhaps even forthcoming for your twin soul. In the reading you may even receive guidance about what to do when you are confused, worried, fearful that the connection is a delusion on your part, or when someone else tells you that you are delusional about the twin flame connection.

During the reading the Ascended Master will reveal whatever Higher Perspectives are most needed at this time so that you can master the challenges of this very important relationship and connection in your life.

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