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Healing Touch of Jesus Healing Session - A Promise of Wholeness!


Healing Touch of Jesus Healing Session©

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There are six areas of focus within this session. Each area will receive 30 minutes of healing. That is a total of 180 Minutes of Ascended Master Jesus' Holy Healing Touch!

The Healing Touch of the Master JESUS….A promise of Wholeness!

Through me, as a full body channel, Ascended MasterTeacher Jesus, gives the gift of His healing touch so you can be healed and receive wholeness. There are six areas with which this session focuses.

Cleansing Touch

In the Cleansing Touch part of the session the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental bodies will be cleansed. This will remove, clear and cleanse any disempowering beliefs, shock, trauma, negative forces, toxins, disease, negative energy, other-dimensional intrusions, entities, evil or possessing spirits and any other less than love energies within your bodies. Your mind and body will be refreshed by His cleansing touch.

Quieting Touch

The Quieting Touch brings you peace. The energy will cleanse and still your mind and heart so that you can relax and also experience relief from any sleeping disorder or issue. Whatever concerns you have will leave you. Concentration and memory will improve. The energy will be like a calming balm that washes over you so that you know all is truly well. This Quieting touch healing takes away the suffering in your life and brings peace that surpasses all understanding.



Illuminating Touch

The Illuminating Touch will bring new light, love, awareness, faith, power, and connection to Ascended Master Jesus and the Divine. It will renew your spirit, bring light to what appears dark and uncertain, and illuminate the right path(s) for you. Your ability to discern what is right for you and for others in your life will be raised so that you are making decisions that empower you and enhance your life and the lives of those whom you love. You will receive higher knowledge and enlightenmentat an accelerated rate as a result of this healing session.

Reassuring Touch


We all experience times in our path of purpose when we need the same reassuring touch on our souls. We often need to hear 'Don't be afraid.' spoken with the confidence and assurance of Master Jesus.

Reassuring Touch Healing will bring you the energy of Ascended Master Jesus’ reassuring love and touch. It will bring you calmness and peace no matter what storms are raging in your life so that you know  true peace, serenity, tranquility and agape love. The energy will wrap you in ablanket of love from Master Jesus so that you experience reassurance in your heart, mind and spirit that no matter what happens around you, you are safe and secure with His love, light, protection and shield upon you.


Liberating Touch

The Liberating Touch Healing brings Ascended Master Jesus’ energy of miraculous healing as well as the confidence and knowledge that you are counted as precious in the eyes of the Divine. This will allow you to receive greater wisdom and to speak about and act in faith in the wisdom you receive from Above. Fear and doubt in your ability to receive Divine inspiration, intuitive thoughts and feelings will leave. Fear about speaking your truth will leave. Fear of rejection and the need for approval from others will leave. You will be able to trust in, act on and speak your truth.

Healing Touch

During the Healing Touch Healing you will be given healing for well being, wholeness, on all levels. The powerful healing energy of Jesus will touch every part of your life, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, so that any area of your life that is broken is made whole again. Healing will be directed for any physical suffering, inner suffering. You will be reconnected to the Divine Source so that you are made whole again on all levels of your being.

Through receiving His touch we reach out and touch Master Jesus. We experience his true and pure love for humanity.

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