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The True Vine Healing Session with Ascended Master Jesus


The True Vine Healing Session with Ascended Master Jesus ©

Session Duration : 90 Minutes

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The True Vine Healing session comes through me, as a full body channel, for Ascended Master Jesus, tapping into His energy as a Source of abundant life in order to assist you in producing a fruitful life for yourself. With this healing session you are given tender care and protection from Ascended Master Jesus. There is a purifying energy within the session that will raise and lift your vibrations so that you are more productive in your life. Areas of your life that is unfruitful and barren will be cleansed and purified and given new life.

As a result you will no longer slumber in areas of your life that are challenging you rising  above earth bound concerns and seeing obstacles or challenges as a pathway to growth. During the session you will receive cleansing energy to remove anything that robs you of vitality and strength. Anything that consumes your life but produces no fruit and does not serve your Higher Good will be released. The energy will prune the energetic junk from your life that hinders your ability to manifest the desires of your heart and accomplish your goals for this lifetime so that you can bear fruit in your life in way of abundant living in all areas of your life.  Clear away obstacles to your personal and spiritual growth!

As you receive these healing energies from Ascended Master Jesus and abide in the True Vine, you will draw from the Vine’s fullness, and as a result areas of your life that have become fruitless and withered will be healed and rejuvenated so that you are producing fruitful results in your life.

selfishness, self seeking, self focus will be released leading you to selfless service to your fellows. This will help you to be more concerned for your fellows and less concerned for self. You will experience an increase in sensitivity to the needs of others and find yourself more responsive to the suffering of others, and inspired to love and accept others unconditionally.Thus becoming, more compassionate and moreover be moved to act in compassion to alleviate suffering so that you can be a beacon of light and a healing presence in the lives of others that you are meant to be.


Benefits of the True Vine Healing Session:


Produce a more fruitful life

Divine Protection

Higher Vibrations

More productive in life

Rise above challenges

Abundant Living

Produce Abundant results in life

Increase sensitivity to the needs of others

 Loss of Self interest and self seeking - selfishness - self-centeredness

 Become more compassionate

 Increased joy

 Inner assurance and confidence in direction of life path

 Courage and strength to face challenges and difficulties

 Moved to Love and Accept others unconditionally

 Experience greater Oneness and Connectedness with Ascended Master Jesus, the Divine and All


Copyright ©2013 Masters Healing Light Academy

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