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Auric Debris Clearing Session - Charge, Clear, Balance, Chakras, Aura, Energy Field - Re-establish Harmony-Physical-Mental-Emotional-Spiritual


Session duration : 120 Minutes

Regular price: 140.00

I am sure you would agree that heavy metals are toxic to the human body and must be removed before the body can benefit from any health promoting actions? Well, stuck emotions are very similar to heavy metals in that they too are toxic to the body, mind and spirit. Healthy emotions are energy in motion. However when emotions are stuck, not acknowledged, stuffed and ignored they become like heavy metals and are toxic to the human system. They need to be removed before health-promoting actions can produce beneficial results. In this session, heavy dark energy, auric debris, from the human energy field will be released.

How does this happen? Positive light is guided into the human energy field through the soles of the feet, traveling through the human energy field via the central power cord to the crown chakra. The energy leaves the whole energy field, or subtle energy body ready to receive transformation light work. The energy charges, clears, and balances the human energy field or aura. This is accomplished by bringing energy into the field. This will bring the seven major chakras back into balance. By bringing our chakras into balance, we can re-establish harmony to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

The energy field is filled up with energy, as in blowing up a balloon. This is done by running energy into the body emulating the way energy is naturally taken into the field – from the earth into the bottom of the feet and then up into the rest of the field. When energy is brought into the field this way, the energy body will take it in and direct it to where it is most needed. Energy is run into the body from the feet up because energy is normally drawn up from the earth through the first chakra and the two chakras on the bottom of the feet. These earth energies are always needed in healing the physical body because they are of the lower physical vibrations. These earth energies are always needed in healing the physical body because they are of the lower physical vibration.

During the session, you may feel the energy as warm, tingly, or pulsating. The healer may be able to feel changes in the energy’s flow, such as in the frequency or rhythm of the pulsations or in the direction of the flow. The energy is moves up from feet to legs to chakras on the torso and finishing at the throat and head.

At the end of the session, the recipient usually reports feeling extremely relaxed, stress free and able to handle their life with ease and elegance.



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