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Empath Protection and Clearing Session - Become a Strong, Powerful, Protected, Clear, Clean, and Healthy Empath Today!


Empath Protection and Clearing Session©

Session Duration 90 Minutes

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The Empath Protection and Clearing Session© will help empath's to move forward with peace, tranquility and freedom from overwhelming floods of other people's emotions. During this session you will be shielded and protected from taking on the negative energy of others.

 The session will help you as an Empath to adapt to your empathic abilities. Your empath 'volume' will be modified/adjusted to reduce the intensity of other peoples emotions, moods, illness, attitudes, etc. This helps you to be free from being intensely, unconsciously influenced by the thoughts, emotions and moods of others. 

Negative behaviors that have been adopted as a result of negative emotions and sensitivity to others such as addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, etc, will be cleared so that you are free! 

The energy of self love will be applied so that you can put yourself first and others second so that you are a strong, powerful, clear, clean and healthy empath! Healing energy will be given to help you cope with the downfalls of being sensitive to others so that you experience more peace, joy, and take in less negativity, emotions, and the like from others and your environment.

As a result of the session, your mental outlook will be elevated!  You will receive protection and defense against the negative emotions and energy of others so that you are no longer plagued by overwhelming floods of other people’s energy.

The Aura will be strengthened so that it is healthy enough to repeal and transmute negative energies. The chakras will be cleared and cleansed during the session. Your Light will be increased to ward off negative energy. Old, stale, stagnant energy will be released and replaced with fresh, new, positive energy calming your mind and soothing your spirit! All the negative energy accumulated from others will be washed away completely!


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