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Sea Moon Reiki From Alla Sharkia


Sea Moon Reiki From Alla Sharkia 2/3 of the human body consists of water. Water is an essential component of the functioning of all organs of the human body. It helps digestion, blood circulation, the withdrawal of toxins and absorption of vitamins. Water is also needed to maintain its normal temperature of human body.



Loss of water in the body must constantly filling, breathing only through the person loses 250 ml. of water daily.


Until now, are disputes about the exact quantity of water, which requires daily human organism, because it depends on the climate, location of living and individual human activity. Required amount of drinking water each day (about 8 cups), rest assured that your body receives all the necessary components to maintain your health. Your body should be used twice or even three times more liquid, if you work more hours in the hot weather. Even in cooler weather and with a short working day you will again need to use a lot of fluid.



From Ascended Saint Germain message:


"The energy of Sea Moon restores energy and water balance of your body"


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