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"Two Souls History "


Geta history lesson between you and your soul mate. Find out what your main threepast livesmay reveal about your journey together. Do you have unfinished businessfrompast lives? Where have you been? What are the main themes and lessonsfrom yourpast lives? How will your past lives affect this current incarnation?Answers to these questions and more! See what Spirit has in store foryou!

Thisreading is lengthy, detailed and many pages. It takes about three hoursto channel the reading including the meditation time it takes toprepare for the session. It includes physical descriptions of what youand your soul mate looked like in your past incarnations, dates/timeperiod, locations, and first names. It will often reveal informationabout what occupations you had in those lives, where you  were born orwhere and or how you met.


Spiritmay review information about educational backgrounds, family of originor any family life you created together. The reading often reveals anythemes or lessons from your past lives together, any unfinishedbusiness that you have that you need to complete in this life and howyour past lives affect your current incarnation.

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