Masters Healing Light Academy of Natural Healing and Spiritual Development


Scheduled 10 Question Channeled Reading (7-10 days)


The messages given in an email reading may address financial concerns, soul mates/twin flames, meditation, Guide contact, break-up/divorce, love and relationships, family and home life, marriage direction, career direction, cheating/affairs, single/dating, spiritual guidance/advice, pet concerns, general life issues, or any other area of concern. What is most important to you is also important to Spirit.

Whatever your question, please ask, as it will be answered specifically. Answers to each question are generally one to three paragraphs in length depending on how much insight Spirit provides. The answers are specific, detailed, lengthy, are not yes or no answers. You can expect to receive loving, genuine and accurate spiritual guidance.

After the reading, you may feel energized, renewed, healed, comforted and unconditionally loved. If you are reading this, I believe we were meant to connect. There is a reason that our path has crossed. My soul looks forward to meeting yours!



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