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Meet Your Soul Family/Group Reading

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Meet Your Soul Family Reading


Your soul family also referred to as Soul Group or Cluster generally consists of 4 to 9 persons who include your soul mate. It is very common for those in your soul group to have perhaps different personalities and characters but various talents, gifts and attributes that compliment one another. Within your soul family you have what is called a primary soul group or cluster which consists of 3 persons. These three persons are the ones that you have shared many lifetimes with and who are closest to you. These three are normally supportive energy to you and have important roles in your life. You serve in the same capacity to these souls. Each person within the soul group have different levels of spiritual development as this varies with each persons desire, motivation, drive, talent, consciousness and development. This will tell you who the members of your primary soul group are and what they are like. It will tell you if they are on the Earth plane or elsewhere. If they are for example in the Spiritual Dimensions the reading will reveal to you if they are serving as a Guide to you from Spirit or if they are around you. The reading will also reveal any lessons you are to learn together in this lifetime.


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