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Core Intimacy Issues Relationship Reading Email Reading - 11 Intimate Must Knows about your Future Partner or Soul Mate


This reading will give you insight into the Core Intimacy Issues of your relationship. It is detailed and lengthy and covers the following questions.
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  1. What five behaviors, things, events, or interactions does my partner/future partner/Soul Mate most identify with intimacy?
  2. In what ways will my SM/Future Partner draw me close, consciously trying to attract me ?
  3. Are there things consciously or unconsciously that my Future Love/SM may do to push me away ?
  4. Will we move in harmony together or will we be constantly going in opposite directions i.e. one of us is moving closer and the other moving away?
  5. What can I do to draw my future partner or soul mate closer to me?
  6. What things should I steer away from that might keep my future partner or soul mate at a distance?
  7. What are some intimate acts that I can incorporate into the relationship so that I consciously think about bringing us closer?
  8. What will it take to keep intimacy alive in our relationship?
  9. Does my soul mate/future partner have behavior patterns or feelings that are barriers to establishing healthy intimacy in a relationship?
  10. What if any areas of the relationship will we need to address in order to improve our level of intimacy?
  11. What can I do for my soul mate to encourage intimacy?

This reading will answer these questions and more. The reading is channeled, lengthy, many pages. The reading is delivered by email.

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