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How Sensual is My Soul Mate Reading -16 Questions Delivered By Email


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How Sensual is my Soul Mate Reading

Will my SM sit or stand close to me when we talk?

Will my SM like to dance to slow, romantic music and hold each other close?

Is my SM sensitive to touch?

Does my SM think swimming together nude would be fun or scary?

Does a full moon and bright stars on a clear night make my SM feel romantic or do they

not even notice?

Will my SM obsessively think of me? Will I always be on his mind?

Would my SM like to be with me more than anyone else?

Will my SM just like affection from me or have more of an endless appetite for

my affection?

When I just touch my soul mate, like on the hand, shoulder, arm, back, will their

body respond to my touch?

Will my SM eagerly look for signs that I desire them?

Will they show signs that they desire me?

Will I possess a powerful attraction for my SM?

Would my SM be insanely jealous if they thought I were falling in love with someone els

Will my SM get butterflies in their stomach when I am near? Will their

heart race or beat faster?

Will they recognize the signs of love?

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<!--[endif]--> Are there any specific scents that turn my SM on?


Would my SM prefer physical intimacy to be hot and active or gentle and warm?

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