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Understanding Your Soul Mate Email Reading - Learn about what makes your soul mate feel safe, what can help you remain close, and more


Understanding Your Soul Mate Reading Delivered by Email

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This reading covers the following questions and more! It is lengthy, detailed and provides much needed understanding regarding your relationship to your soul mate or significant other.

  • Would my SM prefer a calm, loving and consistent marriage or one that was full of excitement, wild times nad rocky patches?

  • What makes my SM feel safe and secure?

  • What rituals could be added to our relationship that could help us remain close?

  • Does my SM need to hear I love you or similar words on a regular basis?

  • Which does my SM think should have the final say in decisions ? logic or emotions and why?

  • Is my SM currently comfortable with their body and if not what would they change to be comfortable?

  • What feeling does my SM have the most difficulty expressing?

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