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Channeled Archangel Insight Reading - Reveals aspects of self hindering your ability to experience fulfillment and happiness in relationships!


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In this reading I will channel your Archangel so they can reveal what you have carried from your past, into the present and how this affects your current situation. It tells you what aspects about yourself are hindering your ability to experience fulfillment and happiness in relationships with others.


Your Archangel will then bring you further guidance on what the future may bring for you, based on the patterns and trends of the present. And remember, your future is never set in stone. If you like the outcome, then you will be shown how to continue in the positive trend. In the event you do not wish the predicted outcome to become reality, you then will have the opportunity to work to change the predictions given. Remember that your angel will help you with this re-organisation so that you can experience the best possible outcome for yourself based on your personal set of circumstances.

You'll be introduced to your angelic helpers, how you can connect with them for continued guidance and which archangel overlooks your pathway in this lifetime. You'll also learn which spiritual gifts are strongest and how to use them to make better life choices.

 The gift in this reading is a personally channelled message from the angels to help you understand a challenge and work through it; or to recognise and respond to any future opportunities for personal and or spiritual growth.

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