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Ascension Support Email Reading

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Ascension Support

Channeled Reading from the Highest Realms of Spirit-Breaking free from the perceived limitations of the conscious mind

As the Eternal Journey is carried out naturally there is a desire to experience accelerated ascension, connection with the Higher Self, and a little support along the way can bring this forward so that lessons are learned and not carried over into the next incarnation. The Ascension support Reading is designed to help break free from limitations of the conscious mind so that the Higher Self thoughts and mind can be accessed. This can virtually open new Spiritual doorways so that ye can enter Realms of consciousness and awareness that may not have been accessed before. As the Higher Self is contacted, ye experience the Divine power, light, love from within, from the Soul, so that ye no longer have to depend on outside resources, and can virtually heal the areas of self in need of healing.

As ye raise thy vibrations, accessing higher consciousness and awareness, this will naturally change the beliefs within that are limiting and false and perhaps, Spirit will shine light on those during the reading. It is important to know what conscious beliefs are causing blocks so that with the assistance and guidance of Spirit the barrier blockage can be healed and allow the abundant inner Light to shine brightly before the world. This will bring forward the Higher Expression as well as a sense of freedom that is indescribably wonderful.

The channeled messages may be filled with insight as to how the Soul?s energy can be renewed, or how barriers can be transcended allowing the Highest Expression as a Soul to come forward as well as the realization of the true Divine identity. As the travels on the journey the vast

Spiritual Highway

take place, there are certain skills needed so in order to be in perfect harmony and alignment with Spirit?s purpose for the incarnation, and the information may give specific insight into what areas are in need of improvement.

During an ascension support, reading you may come to know who you are really, the authentic, Spiritual Self. This may include revealing Spiritual Gifts, merits, attributes, characteristics, traits, talents, abilities, weaknesses, life path and purpose, challenges and goals. I will channel this reading, information, messages and guidance given from the Spiritual Dimensions to assist and support in the Soul Ascension process.

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