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VERTIGO HEALING ESSENCE by Ferry Handoko - Reduce intensity of vertigo attack, improve health of ears, balance, blood and oxygen flow, auditory



Vertigo Healing Essence channeled to help the vertigo sufferers to reduce the intensity of vertigo attack. Generally, vertigo attack feels like you are spinning or make a swaying movement with the whole body when you are not; it's because the balance of the body that centered in the ears, are interrupted.

Vertigo Healing Essence helpful to maintain and improve the healthy of ears from inside to keep the balance of the body movement. It will expedite the blood and oxigen flow to the brain, clean the nerve system around the head and strengthen the auditory vestibular nerve which serves to transmits sound and equilibrium information from the inner ear to the brain. Vertigo Healing Essence helpful to neutralize nausea, vomiting, sweating and difficulties walking caused by the vertigo disease.



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