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CRYSTALLIZED BLOSSOM LOTUS ESSENCE by Ferry Handoko - beauty of speaking, clarity, inner sight, logical thought, abundance, prosperity, intelligence



Crystallized Blossom Lotus Essence was channeled to improve your beauty in speaking, your beauty in behave and fertilizing the clarity of your inner sight for a strong logical thought in build your physical prosperity and abundance. Crystallized Blossom Lotus Essence support your spiritual awakening and give self-inner purification and to increase the intelligence level. It helpful to remember and appreciate your life achievement for the sake of higher struggle of spiritual enhancement. It encourage the depth of empathy, mental stability and strengthen the focus simultaneously. Crystallized Blossom Lotus Essence able to increase your ability to create new idea or inspiration for your physical life improvement. It promotes a powerful natural pacification to your heart and feeling. Use it when your are going to build a new business or when you are trying to make a big change to your old business to strengthen your instinct and clarify your true WILL for a wonderful determination in taking the first step to start.



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