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Pomba gira Reiki by Manuela Fasoli - great power, force, passion, hidden power, transformation, love, healing, and more


In ancient Voudoo tradition Pomba gira is a deity,a female spirit of great power, force, and passion. She is the Great Witch, the representation of the power hidden within all women. She is the queen of transformation, witchcraft, love, healing, and divination. Often she represents freedom from oppression and slavery because she represents the wild feminine in us. In the Santeria there’re many pomba giras (Maria Padhilla ,maria mulambo,Rosa Caveira ecc) .Pomba Gira is a personification of an entity, and an entity herself, who is employed and worked with by practitioners of umbanda and Quimbanda in Brasil.

Pomba gira is used in magick when you cast love and sex spells . She can bring your lover back,she can make someone fall in love and she can make you irresistible and very very sexy . Pomba gira is always very happy to help people who pray and respect her.To show your respect you always must offer a gift .She loves to receive gifts and the things she most like are: cigarettes,roses,gin and anisettes.

This attunement creates a link between you and the energy of this magick feminine so you can call down her energy during your spells,healing sessions and love therapies.

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