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Sexual Compatibility Reading Delivered by Email - What are the themes in your sexual relationship? Do you have compatible sex drives?


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This reading will let you know if you and your relationship partner/future partner/soul mate have compatible sexual drives and energies. In an intimate day-to-day relationship, there are indeed fluctuations in our personal energy levels and the ways we relate to each other. Knowledge of this becomes much more magnified in the eyes of our partners than in a casual relationship. People who are dating can enjoy passionate lovemaking almost every time due to the fact that they don't see one another as often as live-in lovers and married couples, whose intimate relationships are much more subject to fluctuations due to the pressures of constant contact with one another. The reading will cover important aspects or themes in your sexual relationship with your relationship partner/future partner/soul mate. You may find out things such as if the sexual relationship is one that is hot and passionate or distant and cold. The reading may tell you about the magnetism between the two of you such as if there are a strong or weak attraction to one another. Here are some of the questions that will be answered in this reading:

  1. Are your Sexual Styles Compatible
  2. Is there attraction between you
  3. Are your sex drives compatible
  4. How your sex life would be characterized
  5. Any trouble you will encounter in the sexual relationship
  6. Will you be able to openly communicate about sex
  7. Will you try out new things together
  8. If your partner is trustworthy and faithful, reliable
  9. If you will both be fulfilled in the realm of your sexual relationship with each other
  10. What kind of sexual life you will share ? active, every once in awhile, rarely, all the time, etc.

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