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Children's Angelic Light Course and Attunement by Nicole Lanning - only healing system co-channeled by a child


Childrens Angelic Light TM is a new energy that was channelled by Nicole Lanning and her son Reiss. Childrens Angelic Light TM attunes you to angels that mostly work with children and the issues children may have and this will help them to grow and develop into well grounded adults. This attunement can also be passed onto children which makes it very unique. The only thing the founder does ask is that if you attune a child to this energy then they should understand what is being done for them. Also that they believe in the Angels and the gifts that the Angels can and will give.

There are 13 Archangels/Angels, their properties, attributes and symbols. The Angels/Archangels that you will be attuned to are:

- Naarai - Archangel of Children

- Barachiel - Guardian and provider of the children of God.

- Mihr - Angel of friendships.

- Shushienae - Angel of Purity.

- Afriel - Angel of Youth.

- Dina - Angel of learning, Knowledge and Wisdom.

- Elijah - Angel of Innocence.

- Yves - Archangel of Destiny.

- Rehael - Angel of Respect.

- Isda - Angel of Nourishment.

- Maion - Angel of self Discipline.

- Samandiriel - Angel of Imagination.

You will receive manual, attunement, lineage and certificate


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