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Through life's experiences, and even prior to incarnation, people acquire energetic structures in their etheric body. These structures can cause physical problems like chronic pain and stifled energy flow. Often, they are associated with our defense mechanisms and are created as a "protective" shield. Other times they hold a memory of some past traumatic event, or precede the manifestation of some new physical ailment; etheric crystals can even be shattered during traumatic events. By removing such structures at the appropriate time, a person may feel a sense of relief, release of tension and pressure, and a renewed feeling of freedom.

Examples of etheric structures that could be removed: pins, including wing pins, bolts, "crazy crystal", crown cap, chakra shields, neck crystals, crystals in the chest, armor on legs and arms, chastity belt, visor/helmet, etc. Special structures that you have and need will not be removed.

Some people have etheric structures like crystals which need to be activated at the appropriate time. If guided to do so, I will activate any structures that need activating.


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