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50% off Fairy Spirit Energy Reiki Attunement Package PLUS BOGO


Reg Price 700.00

With your purchase you will receive an attunement package of equal or lesser value free.

This offer includes the following attunements. 47 Attunements are included in this special. If purchased separately it would cost over $1400.00. Although there are no substitutions this is quite a bargain even IF you have received a few of the systems in this package. You will receive the manuals, distant attunements and one certificate for the package.

  1. Magic of the  Unicorn (25.00)
  2. Flight of  Pegasus (19.95)
  3. Faery Spirit Healing Reiki (25.00)
  4. Fairies of the Roses Empowerment (25.00)
  5. Golden Unicorn (21.95)
  6. Beltaine Empowerment (20.00)
  7. Gwragedd Annwn-Welsh Water Faery Empowerment (17.00)
  8. Arkan Sonney Faery Pig Empowerment (17.00)
  9. Zana Fairy Empowerment (29.95)
  10. Hina Beauty, Creativity and Freedom Reiki (40.00)
  11. Ethereal Thief Attunement (20.00)
  12. Rose Vibrational Clearing (25.00)
  13. Dragon Egg (20.00)
  14. Mean - Goddess of Fate Empowerment (16.00)
  15. LoveLaughterLuck Empowerment (valued at 35.00)
  16. Magical Fairy Kisses (valued at 17.00)
  17. Prosperity Power of the Green Fairy (valued at 17.00)
  18. Crystal Faery Shield (valed at 19.99)
  19. Fairy Realm of Goddess Morrigan (valued at 15.00)
  20. Essential Unicorn (valued at 60.00)
  21. Unicorn Shakti (valued at 35.00)
  22. Ghob's Reiki (valued at 22.50)
  23. Nixsa Reiki (valued at 22.50)
  24. Fairy Realms REiki
  25. Color of the Fairies (20.00)
  26. Angels and Unicorns (valued at 21.95)
  27. Green Trilogy (valued at 39.99)
  28. Fairy Reiki 
  29. Goddess Onnaugh (valued at 17.99)
  30. Nature Medicine Mandala (valued at 15.00)
  31. Energy and Magic of Fairies
  32. Nature Devas and Fairies
  33. Magical Lightworker Fairy Program (11 attunements valued at 99.99)
  34. Fairy Light Ray Key
  35. Ameythst Fairy Orb (Valued at 15.00)
  36. Mermaids Attunement
  37. Love and Return of the Unicorns
  38. Fairy Tree Spirits (valued at 19.99)
  39. Mystical Mermaid HEaling System (valued at 35.00)
  40. Enchanted Fairy Healing System (valued at 35.00)
  41. Unicorn Healing System 
  42. Fairies of the Sea
  43. Pixie Unicorn (valued at 21.95)
  44. Faery Flora (valued at 19.99)
  45. Paralda's Reiki Attunement (valued at 22.50)
  46. Fairy Queen Mab (free)
  47. Nine Witches (20.00)

Which free attunement package of equal or lesser value would you like with your purchase?

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