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Life Lessons Channeled Reading - NEW - Delivered Via Email


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Before each incarnation our Souls choose one primary and 3-6 secondary lessons to work on in any given lifetime. Our life’s negative and positive experiences are drawn to us to help to learn our chosen lessons. We can learn through either positive or negative experiences (or both) depending on many factors involved.

For example, your Soul wants to learn and to have a better understanding of what a friendship is. When you are incarnated in the physical world you have the opportunities to learn that by going through different set of life situations. If you learn through positive experiences you may befriend someone who is on the same level of emotional, mental and spiritual awareness as you are. If this person is a reliable and caring individual together you create situations that teach you how rewarding and fulfilling a friendship is.

In another case scenario you may befriend someone who does not understand what friendship is about and uses the relationship to create tension and conflict between the two of you. Or he might betray your confidence or trust. As a consequence of that you learn what friendship is not about.

In both life situations you learn what friendship is and what friendship isn’t going through either positive or negative life experiences.

Of course everyone would prefer to learn through positive rather than negative situations. The choice how to learn is totally yours but it is not a matter of simply picking out your life circumstances. You will attract experiences that have the same energetic vibrations as you do. For example if someone is longing for a friendship but at the same time thinks that there is no one around who is good enough to spend time with – than this person most likely will attract life situations that support his/her outlook. And learn through negative experiences!

All beings generate energy with the different polarities and frequencies. We only can attract experiences that are in the same energetic field as we are. To have the opportunity to learn through positive life experiences we need to be energetically attuned to the field computable with these experiences. It is up to us to raise our positive energy frequencies by developing spiritual and emotional awareness.

The purpose of this reading is to determine what are your life’s lessons and clear negative influences that might make a Soul to get stuck on one particular lesson.

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